Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leading up to the big day!

I knew I should've started this blog earlier when I went on the waiting list but, OH WELL!!

Initially, I went to the doctor because I couldn't handle the pain in the back and my my neck anymore. I've always been big breasted and it has really made my life a misery. At my largest, which was when I was breastfeeding with my daughter, I was borderline bra size 20J. Since stopping breastfeeding, I have lost a total of 24kgs (5 of those kgs I lost doing the Lemon Detox Diet). I am a 14-16 F-G (depending on which brand of bra I wear) at the moment.

With this operation, I will be between a C and a D cup, which I think will be normal for my body type. I'm not a small girl and if I went any smaller than a C, my body will look out of proportion.

I was referred to Flinders Medical Centre for ongoing treatment. I was told what was involved in the operation - duration, how they were going to operate etc.. was also told I'd be put on a waiting list for at least 12 months.

Well, It's only been just less than 8 months and I got a call from FMC on Thursday last week (24th November, 2011) , saying that they have a date available for me to come in. Under 2 weeks from the date of the phonecall. They told me it was scheduled for the 6th December....OMG!!!

So today (30th November), I had my Pre-op appointment at FMC. I got there at 12:30pm and left at 3:30pm. I had to speak to the surgeon, an anaethesist and a nurse. Also to have blood taken and sign transfusion forms (just in case!!) I think I have all my questions answered. My main concerns were the likelyhood of the surgery being postponed (which is very minimal - just hoping a dire medical disaster doesn't happen!!) and also going under anaesthetic...Scares the absolute hell out of me!

You'd think after all the operations I've previously had (arm, leg, grommets in the ears/adenoids out, cesareans - one being performed under GA) that I'd be used to being put under. I don't like the feeling of losing the control in myself. But before I know it, it'll be all over and then I'll have pain for a while...

I'll blog the night before the op. Nervousness will have settled in properly by then!!

xx Bonnie.

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