Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bad News

I was going to blog Monday night but I was too tired and still a bit emotional about what happened that day.

I picked up my Mum from the bus stop in the mid-morning and we went shopping. We looked around for soft-cup bras and hospital items (toiletries, pyjamas, etc.) and wrangling Miss Bella also!! Was fun!! Had lunch, then went to to do more shopping for Xmas presents.

Was in K-Mart when I got a call from the hospital. They said that my surgery had to be postponed until at least the middle to end of January....I broke down then and there in the store, I was devastated. Mum was pissed because she had to travel a long way to be with me for my op (at least she got her xmas shopping done). Then I called Shannon, he felt so sorry for me but told me that I had to remember that there was the chance of it happening. AND IT DID! I was just unlucky that day.

So, for the rest of the shopping trip, I walked around the shopping centre feeling horrible, crying at the drop of a hat.

Then, went to school to pick up Tristan, told the other mothers what was happening and broke down again. One of the Mums, Sonya, put it in a good way. All she said was, "Don't worry, you'll be next. You won't have long to wait." That made me feel better (a bit.).

I got home and thought to myself, "Maybe I should call the admissions office and apologize for crying down the phone." So I did. The lady I spoke to, Sue, was understanding, saying when it happens, she dreads calling people and telling them their surgery has been postponed. She's used to people giving those kinds of sad reactions.....But the good news was, they gave me another date......

20th DECEMBER!!!!!!!!

OMG! If it goes ahead this time, I'm gonna have a painful Xmas!!!

So I went to the gym that night feeling a lot better that I have another date to prepare for. But I think I'll take my friend Esther's advice and not talk about it very much.... I jinxed myself and made it not happen by thinking it's definitely going to happen!! I totally get her logic!

Fingers crossed there's no more phonecalls!!!


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