Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Flinders Appointment After Surgery :)

Shannon took me to the hospital for my first consult this morning after the operation. It has been a week and 2 days since the surgery. I am still very swollen - probably due to not resisting a 50% off clothing sale at Savers Recycle Superstore yesterday!!! I was there for 4 hours. Was worth it.....I spent $68 and got clothing for the whole family (well, mostly Bella and I - Hard to find good quality boys and men's stuff!)!!

So I went in and the nurse changed the Hyperfix dressings. She put alcohol on the old stuff to make it easier to remove and OMG it stung. Then she swabbed the wounds with saline solution to remove old scabbing that has healed underneath and that stung just as bad. Then the plastic surgeon on call came in and inspected the wounds and said they're healing nicely and to come back next week. So the nurse put more Hyperfix on and I was away again! I have dissolvable stitches so I didn't have to go through the pain of getting any stitches removed! BONUS!!

On my way home, I decided to go to Target to get some crop tops and bras. I found some crop tops for $10 each, one being a leopard print one (so cool!!) and I found a 2pack of those Target brand Ahh Bra things for $16. They're surprisingly comfortable!!! Gotta go and get some more of those!!

When I got home, I went to the bathroom to check out the bruising around my breasts. WOW, it looks horrible!!! Looks like my chest has been hit with a cricket bat!! I will put all my pics in one post, I still have to get them downloaded off my phone, still trying to find my cable to connect my phone to the PC!!


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hooray! I'm home!.

Been home since yesterday. Was quite shocked that I didn't spend more time in hospital, but the surgeons thought that I made a great improvement whilst recovering there. They thought I'd be more comfortable at home - which I definitely am!! It's quieter (my kids aren't home yet LOL!) and I'm more comfy in my own bed. Unfortunately I have to get used to sleeping on my back. I usually sleep on my tummy, so it's hard to be comfy!

They've prescribed me with Endone (thankyou!!!!) to make my recovery easier but it's not good on the digestive system. It's made me quite constipated, so I have to drink lots of water, walk around a bit and have a lot of high fibre stuff!

Glad that I don't have to eat hospital food either. When I was in hospital, I barely ate anything (except for the roast lamb lunch, that was nice. I only had a small serving and I ate about a quarter of it, which was a lot at the time!) Shannon made me a homemade pizza for dinner last night, sweet chilli chicken. It was awesome!!!! I pigged out :)

I took a couple of photos of my bandaged boobies, so I'll put them up soon.

Gonna go and have a rest. The Endone has kicked in again.....dizzy! WHEEEEEEE!!!! :)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Today is the day!

OMG!! Today is the day...

I go into hospital at 11am. From what I've been told the surgery is scheduled for 1pm. I'll be taking a pen and notebook with me for later so I can write the stats after (how much they take off etc..)
when I'm feel like writing!!
The only thing I'm scared about is the anaesthetic....everything else is a piece of cake. I know there's going to be a shitload of pain...But there's drugs for that hahahaha.

I'll write again when I'm out and feeling better.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bad News

I was going to blog Monday night but I was too tired and still a bit emotional about what happened that day.

I picked up my Mum from the bus stop in the mid-morning and we went shopping. We looked around for soft-cup bras and hospital items (toiletries, pyjamas, etc.) and wrangling Miss Bella also!! Was fun!! Had lunch, then went to to do more shopping for Xmas presents.

Was in K-Mart when I got a call from the hospital. They said that my surgery had to be postponed until at least the middle to end of January....I broke down then and there in the store, I was devastated. Mum was pissed because she had to travel a long way to be with me for my op (at least she got her xmas shopping done). Then I called Shannon, he felt so sorry for me but told me that I had to remember that there was the chance of it happening. AND IT DID! I was just unlucky that day.

So, for the rest of the shopping trip, I walked around the shopping centre feeling horrible, crying at the drop of a hat.

Then, went to school to pick up Tristan, told the other mothers what was happening and broke down again. One of the Mums, Sonya, put it in a good way. All she said was, "Don't worry, you'll be next. You won't have long to wait." That made me feel better (a bit.).

I got home and thought to myself, "Maybe I should call the admissions office and apologize for crying down the phone." So I did. The lady I spoke to, Sue, was understanding, saying when it happens, she dreads calling people and telling them their surgery has been postponed. She's used to people giving those kinds of sad reactions.....But the good news was, they gave me another date......

20th DECEMBER!!!!!!!!

OMG! If it goes ahead this time, I'm gonna have a painful Xmas!!!

So I went to the gym that night feeling a lot better that I have another date to prepare for. But I think I'll take my friend Esther's advice and not talk about it very much.... I jinxed myself and made it not happen by thinking it's definitely going to happen!! I totally get her logic!

Fingers crossed there's no more phonecalls!!!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leading up to the big day!

I knew I should've started this blog earlier when I went on the waiting list but, OH WELL!!

Initially, I went to the doctor because I couldn't handle the pain in the back and my my neck anymore. I've always been big breasted and it has really made my life a misery. At my largest, which was when I was breastfeeding with my daughter, I was borderline bra size 20J. Since stopping breastfeeding, I have lost a total of 24kgs (5 of those kgs I lost doing the Lemon Detox Diet). I am a 14-16 F-G (depending on which brand of bra I wear) at the moment.

With this operation, I will be between a C and a D cup, which I think will be normal for my body type. I'm not a small girl and if I went any smaller than a C, my body will look out of proportion.

I was referred to Flinders Medical Centre for ongoing treatment. I was told what was involved in the operation - duration, how they were going to operate etc.. was also told I'd be put on a waiting list for at least 12 months.

Well, It's only been just less than 8 months and I got a call from FMC on Thursday last week (24th November, 2011) , saying that they have a date available for me to come in. Under 2 weeks from the date of the phonecall. They told me it was scheduled for the 6th December....OMG!!!

So today (30th November), I had my Pre-op appointment at FMC. I got there at 12:30pm and left at 3:30pm. I had to speak to the surgeon, an anaethesist and a nurse. Also to have blood taken and sign transfusion forms (just in case!!) I think I have all my questions answered. My main concerns were the likelyhood of the surgery being postponed (which is very minimal - just hoping a dire medical disaster doesn't happen!!) and also going under anaesthetic...Scares the absolute hell out of me!

You'd think after all the operations I've previously had (arm, leg, grommets in the ears/adenoids out, cesareans - one being performed under GA) that I'd be used to being put under. I don't like the feeling of losing the control in myself. But before I know it, it'll be all over and then I'll have pain for a while...

I'll blog the night before the op. Nervousness will have settled in properly by then!!

xx Bonnie.