Monday, February 20, 2012


Hey movers and shakers!!!

I've been a little busy lately, but now I'm back!

I went back to the gym 2 weeks ago, and I'm feeling awesome!! But first, I had to buy new sports bras!! Trying all these different bras on, I was going insane, until I went to Big W and found a Hestia pink sports bra with the option of crossover straps or hook the straps together at the back to make a racerback bra....14DD for $15!!! BARGAIN. And it's slightly padded!!! WOW!!! I also found these Triumph Netball bras for $28 each, 16DD though (smaller sizing - oh well!), so I popped them on lay-by. I took the Hestia one home! I went to K-Mart and found a similar bra to the Hestia. Was K-Mart brand one (14D - Yay!) for $12. Took that one home too!! I'm so not used to paying so little for a bra with great support! I'm totally stoked!!!!

I started with a Bodystep class (just throw myself in the deep end!!!) and burnt - wait for it - 587Cals!!! OMG!! I was so happy, I'm currently doing the low impact option to ease myself back into it, but I'm so much happier now that I'm back in my comfort zone!

Last week I did the Bodystep, Bodypump AND Zumba Madness on the Monday night (low impact for cardio and halved my weights) and I did pretty well. Burnt 1585Cals! :D I woke up on Tuesday feeling good. (don't ask about Wednesday, the fatigue hit me then LOL). Then on the Thursday, another Bodystep class. ALL GOOD!

It's a pity I missed out on tonight's Monday Madness (no babysitter). But to make up for it, I'll be going to the gym in the morning for a Dready Tready session and another class!!

Will Post pics of my booby progress soon!!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Totem Tennis An Extreme Sport?

Question for everyone.....

Is totem tennis an extreme sport?

It is when you're still recovering from major surgery!

Hubby had a BBQ for his birthday yesterday (he denied it. It was, and I quote "Just a BBQ." Ummmm....your birthday was this week and you got a cake, so yes, the BBQ was for your birthday!). We had a great set up. Backyard was spotless, trampoline, bikes and the (dreaded) totem tennis was all ready to go.

Everyone came over, we all had a few drinks, some lunch, kids (there were 7 kids in total over the course of the day) were running around like crazy midgets. Was all fun. My sister-in-law was playing totem tennis by herself and I thought, "I'll have a go at this!". So I put my cider down and joined her on the back lawn.

Had the mini racquet and was swiping aimlessly at the air, not caring whether I hit anything. The movement felt alright. Kept going for ages. Got a few good hits in, almost scoring sis's head. She did end up getting tangled in the rope though.

What did it for me was I took a big swipe, hit the ball and broke an acrylic nail....BUMMER! So I went back to my cider and finished it off. I wasn't even thinking about if I'd be hurting the next day.

This morning I woke up in absolute agony! The moving I did yesterday totally killed me, hurt when I moved my arms (lifting them up, reaching forward, even scratching my shoulder or brushing my hair caned like anything!), I even had trouble taking deep breaths. My boobies were quite swollen too.

So, back on the painkillers for a couple of days until the pain subsides.

OOPS!!!!!! Won't do that for a while!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More photos!!

The left side.....Where the square piece of Hypafix is, is where the drain was. I had a drain on both sides. Hurt like a bitch when they came out, and I was high on drugs!! Imagine if I wasn't.....The entire hospital would have heard some choice words coming from my room hahahaha!!
Underneath, the scars are all on the underside of my boobs (Hopefully it won't be too noticable!)
My nipples are quite round now. They used to be a crazy oval shape as you'd probably notice from the before photo. Almost looks like they used a biscuit cutter! Happy with the result though!
The right side. Not so bad as the left (They took more out of the left, it was almost a cup size bigger!!)

Damn blog thing mixed the photos again. Can't get what I want all the time!!

Will take next photos after my next appointment on the 2nd Feb :)


Photos :)

Post op 22nd of December, 2011. Just got out of hospital. Very swollen :(
20th December, post op. Had to wear these 'chaps' so I wouldn't develop blood clots in my legs.
20th December, Pre-op. Same thing as the 'chaps' to prevent blood clots forming during and post op.
1st December....My before photo....Shocking photo!!!! They look worse sitting up, so that's why I took the photo laying down hahahahaha!!
29th December. Swelling is still there but it's only 9 days after op.

Stupid blog thingy put them out of order but you get what I mean LOL!

Been a while!!

Oops! It's been a while since my last post...

Went to my cousin's engagement party on Saturday (14/01/2012) and had a blast. Most of my family was there and they couldn't wait to see me and my new boobs LOL! I was more excited that I didn't have to wear a bra! I wore a nice purple singlet, a black shrug thingy over the top of that, jeans and a high waist belt. I never would have worn the belt because it usually would make my boobs look massive. I looked in proportion!! Had a great time. I had 4 drinks which is way over my limit hahaha!!

I realized this morning (17th) that I've lost a bit of weight. I'm presuming it's the retained fluid and swelling going away. I'm down to 80.7kgs, which is awesome!! I haven't been around this weight since (i think) I was about 19-20! Woo Hoo!! I hope with a little more walking (I'm trying to do as much as my body will allow without hurting), I can lose a teeny bit more before my next appointment in 2 weeks :)

Tonight we took the kids to the beach. I don't usually swim (I didn't tonight anyway - what a surprise!!) but I did wear a black tankini. For the first time in my life I wasn't worried if anybody was looking at me and what they were thinking. I felt really good!

Still need to get my photos off my phone....I will get on it, I promise!!!