Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hooray! I'm home!.

Been home since yesterday. Was quite shocked that I didn't spend more time in hospital, but the surgeons thought that I made a great improvement whilst recovering there. They thought I'd be more comfortable at home - which I definitely am!! It's quieter (my kids aren't home yet LOL!) and I'm more comfy in my own bed. Unfortunately I have to get used to sleeping on my back. I usually sleep on my tummy, so it's hard to be comfy!

They've prescribed me with Endone (thankyou!!!!) to make my recovery easier but it's not good on the digestive system. It's made me quite constipated, so I have to drink lots of water, walk around a bit and have a lot of high fibre stuff!

Glad that I don't have to eat hospital food either. When I was in hospital, I barely ate anything (except for the roast lamb lunch, that was nice. I only had a small serving and I ate about a quarter of it, which was a lot at the time!) Shannon made me a homemade pizza for dinner last night, sweet chilli chicken. It was awesome!!!! I pigged out :)

I took a couple of photos of my bandaged boobies, so I'll put them up soon.

Gonna go and have a rest. The Endone has kicked in again.....dizzy! WHEEEEEEE!!!! :)


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