Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More photos!!

The left side.....Where the square piece of Hypafix is, is where the drain was. I had a drain on both sides. Hurt like a bitch when they came out, and I was high on drugs!! Imagine if I wasn't.....The entire hospital would have heard some choice words coming from my room hahahaha!!
Underneath, the scars are all on the underside of my boobs (Hopefully it won't be too noticable!)
My nipples are quite round now. They used to be a crazy oval shape as you'd probably notice from the before photo. Almost looks like they used a biscuit cutter! Happy with the result though!
The right side. Not so bad as the left (They took more out of the left, it was almost a cup size bigger!!)

Damn blog thing mixed the photos again. Can't get what I want all the time!!

Will take next photos after my next appointment on the 2nd Feb :)


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