Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Totem Tennis An Extreme Sport?

Question for everyone.....

Is totem tennis an extreme sport?

It is when you're still recovering from major surgery!

Hubby had a BBQ for his birthday yesterday (he denied it. It was, and I quote "Just a BBQ." Ummmm....your birthday was this week and you got a cake, so yes, the BBQ was for your birthday!). We had a great set up. Backyard was spotless, trampoline, bikes and the (dreaded) totem tennis was all ready to go.

Everyone came over, we all had a few drinks, some lunch, kids (there were 7 kids in total over the course of the day) were running around like crazy midgets. Was all fun. My sister-in-law was playing totem tennis by herself and I thought, "I'll have a go at this!". So I put my cider down and joined her on the back lawn.

Had the mini racquet and was swiping aimlessly at the air, not caring whether I hit anything. The movement felt alright. Kept going for ages. Got a few good hits in, almost scoring sis's head. She did end up getting tangled in the rope though.

What did it for me was I took a big swipe, hit the ball and broke an acrylic nail....BUMMER! So I went back to my cider and finished it off. I wasn't even thinking about if I'd be hurting the next day.

This morning I woke up in absolute agony! The moving I did yesterday totally killed me, hurt when I moved my arms (lifting them up, reaching forward, even scratching my shoulder or brushing my hair caned like anything!), I even had trouble taking deep breaths. My boobies were quite swollen too.

So, back on the painkillers for a couple of days until the pain subsides.

OOPS!!!!!! Won't do that for a while!


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